Common Beginner Decorating Mistakes To Avoid


decorating mistakes

With so many inspiring decor photos and videos on instagram and elsewhere, it’s easy to get carried away and make a lot of decorating mistakes in your home. Today am talking about two common mistakes that I have done in the past (yes I make mistakes too) and their solutions. If it’s your first time decorating your current home, bedroom in your parents house or just moved in to a new rental this post is for you.

Lack of a Cohesive Plan


Have you ever gone shopping for let’s say an outfit for an occasion and while passing by the home decor section you spot a nice item. You move closer and notice it’s on sale and you can get it at 50% off. You remember seeing it on a magazine so you get it and once you get home you realize it just doesn’t fit anywhere. The color is quite different from the rest of the furniture so you decided to just put it in room less used. I have done that and seriously it cannot keep happening.

The solution to this is a mood board, you can make one using this site.  I love mood boards and they are fun to make you guys, there are many sites online that allow you to drag and drop photos you like to create a cohesive look for an entire house. In the moodboard picture above, it shows home furnishings in serenity and rose quartz which is the color of the year 2016.

Buying Trendy Items

decorating mistakes

One of the many decorating mistakes is buying trendy items that will fade out of style tomorrow. A common trend that is definitely going out chevron design. If you are having a your new house constructed or remodeled, the same principle applies. You want timeless items, so be cautious when purchasing your back splash, counter tops and floors because those are expensive to redo.

What are some mistakes you have done while decorating?  Let me know below.

Photo credit : Wicker paradise Via CC BY 2.0


  1. Zoey
    August 25, 2016 / 2:23 pm

    This is a great post :), one of the mistakes i did was buying a sofa and carpet without getting the right measurements and they looked really terrible in the room

    • August 25, 2016 / 2:31 pm

      Glad you liked it, you really have to measure especially the door. The worst thing that can happen is the furniture barely even gets through the door.

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