coffee table styling

Coffee table styling is one of the quickest ways to add some personality, glam and function to your living room. Compared to styling a shelf, a coffee table is much easier. Today am sharing 5 key items you need and how to make sure your table is not too cluttered.

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Decorating Realities


What an incredible year 2016 was, so much happened in my life with some joys and struggles as well. What stood out was my blog which grew faster than I expected and the fact that we are expecting our second baby this year June. (That explains my absence here towards the end of 2016).Trying to think back it feels like the year went by so fast yet I was able to do so much. I don’t do resolutions but I always have one goal that I set for myself that is to be my true self in all I do and share only that which I find to be meaningful. Talking of meaningful, how about I share decorating realities that no one tells you about.

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confessions of blogger

Today am letting you in on my roller coaster of a ride called blogging.  It’s been quite the thrill but so rewarding. This morning I thought of sharing my journey with you and giving you a peek of my life. View Post

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle

There is something about walking into a home and feeling welcomed by that gorgeous fragrance right at the door. Makes you feel like the home owner took the time to prepare for your arrival. All of a sudden you just feel at home, relaxed and happy inside. At the end of your visit you go home wondering “what scent was that? I loved it.” Today am talking about this luxurious home fragrance,  a scent like no other that I absolutely love. The Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle.

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Jo Malone's luxury fragrance store

Lately I have been looking for some fragrances for the home and wanted something luxurious and expensive. For some reason I tend to think that a luxurious fragrance not only smells divine but lasts for a very long time. So I decided to love myself a little more and splurge on me. I stopped by Jo Malone’s luxury fragrance store and I could not stop looking at the gorgeous interior decor. Took some pics for you guys.

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Kenya bedroom designs

When I first started working on this bedroom, it was totally empty and didn’t even have a bed or mattress. I was excited to work on it because it had this dark red wall that I totally loved unlike most Kenya bedroom designs. I knew it would make a good focal point and make the entire bedroom cozy and inviting.  Check out this before photo to see what am talking about.

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Update your bathroom

As much as I love decorating, it is expensive and I just can’t buy everything I want at once.  So what I usually do is to work on a room at a time. While working on the bathroom, I decided to just do a few updates to make it look a little more appealing and inviting.

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